Final Four Prediction Part 1

So it is one of the most wonderful times of the year, that of course being March Madness. I want to sure with you my Final Four and hear what you think. I have the four but I’m still wrestling with whom to pick as the winner. I’m leaning towards a team but I fear many people will be picking them; I usually like to go against the grain. I really try to be unbiased… with one exception, I will never pick Duke to make a final four, EVER. Anyway, let’s get into it. It will be in two parts, 2nd part coming later tonight. I’ll name who I have winning each region and also mention what I have the local teams doing, i.e. Michigan, Sparty, and Oakland. (Warning: these picks are that of me and don’t reflect the thoughts of Woodsonbaby.)


I have North Carolina winning the East Bracket. I know the vast majority of folks will be picking OSU and many of you will think I’m being biased but I just don’t see OSU beating a well coached team like UNC. I’ve watched them closely of course following the Big Ten and I was not overly impressed (especially in the games against Michigan). As for UNC, I think they have a great draw. They should easily get to the sweet 16 and most likely meet Syracuse. The Cuse always flame out in the Tourney (minus Carmelo) and as I said, when OSU meets a team with talent and as well coached as UNC they are going down. (Also, you have to factor in Karma, I’m a big believer in it and with the whole Tressel thing I don’t see huge success for them).


I have UConn winning the West Bracket. First and foremost I WILL NEVER PICK DUKE TO MAKE A FINAL FOUR. With that said, I think Kemba Walker is the player of the year. I see Kemba as a Carmelo type that can carry his team through a region by himself. I don’t believe the hype of SDSU and thanks to getting battle tested by the Big East I see UConn taking down Duke with a Kemba buzzer beater. Michigan is in this bracket, I have them beating the Sparty Clone Volunteers (Vols have tons of talent but play like a bunch of individuals) and losing to a bunch of DBags (Duke). Really wanted to pick an upset their but it will essentially be a home game for the Blue Devils. As for Oakland I was 99% going to pick them to win their first game but with the draw of playing Texas in Tulsa, Oklahoma I think again it will be a big home court advantage. I could very well be wrong, just can’t see them winning in such a hostile location.

*Update* Part 2 Click #GoBlue

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