Final Four Part 2, let us know what u think


I have the Pitt Panthers winning the SouthEast Bracket. I think this might be the easiest decision, I don’t see anyone giving them much of a fight up through to the Elite 8. There they will most likely meet BYU or Florida. BYU is the only one that really has a punchers chance, but out of all the number 1 seeds Kansas got the best draw. Michigan State is in this bracket, I don’t have them getting out of the first round. This entire season has been them underachieving, I don’t see it coming together here. Though UCLA may not be the strongest team, so I could be wrong about this game but even if Sparty gets by the first round they will be downed by Florida. Many pundits are thinking of Michigan State of the past and their great unexpected runs. Well those were teams, this is not. They are a bunch of individuals who haven’t bought into what their coach has been saying all season. It’s not going to start now.


I have Kansas winning the SouthWest Bracket. This region has a great chance to give us Jayhawk v. Irish game, which would be fantastic deciding who is going to the Final Four. Their region has some dangerous Big East teams, but I don’t think any of them are Final Four worthy teams. Simply put Kansas is better than everyone in this bracket and has the better coach.

So here is my problem, I can make a strong case for 3 of the four teams (UConn, Kansas, Pitt) to win the title. Right now I’m leaning towards Kansas beating UConn for the title but my mind changes every few hours. Plus I don’t like that so many are picking Kansas, so not sure what I’m going to end up doing. Well let me know what you think…. Lastly, to be completely honest my brackets have been doing horribly the last few years so maybe I’m not the best to listen too lol. For Part 1 Click #GoBlue

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