New Artist Little Brother

It is past 12 on Thursday night/Friday Morning and all I can think about is the huge game looming on Saterday. This final game of the regular season will mean so much more than just Michigan Vs. M$U, more than a clean sweep over M$U, and even more than helping Michigan get one step closer to the tourney, years before most people expected us to be ready(although that is very important). Its about a ragtag group of young players coming together and beating the pretender 17 win “Giant” M$U who need to be exposed for the frauds that they are. This team has been riding the preseason polls all year and Saturday Michigan will reveal to the world who the real deserving team in the state of Michigan is.

Speaking of revealing I would like to announce a new member to the Wolverines East team, our new artist CTAT. CTAT has been a huge Michigan fan for years breaking from his families ND lovefest to find true happyness as a Wolverine. CTAT will be creating banners for Wolverines East as well as other insanely cool artwork. He has started us off with a banner depicting the outcome of Saturdays game(let’s hope he’s a prophet). If you are interested in CTAT’s work or would just like to tell him(or us) how cool we are, message us @WolverinesEast on Twitter or drop us an email at

Go Blue!!!!

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