Tim Hardaway Jr. Blast From The Past

In this addition of Monday QB, I wanted to give you a blast from the past. This past weekend watching Tim Hardaway, Jr do his thing got me thinking back to the day I found out he committed to Michigan. You should know I’m a big Knicks fan, so you might understand why Hardaway, Sr. was one of the most hated figures of my childhood. I had many mixes feelings about the News of Jr. committing. And in my confused state I wrote the below when I was an up and coming blogger…. I think it’s hilarious in retrospect. I thought you readers might get a kick out of it. And let me say YES he has helped me get over the fact that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sr. (Article link at end of post).

Sins of a Father: Michigan Basketball the Salvation for Tim Hardaway Jr

Being a Knicks fan for the last 17 years, one will no doubt develop animosity for a number of teams and players. One name that harbors hatred for all Knick fans is that of Tim Hardaway. Much to the chagrin of any Knick and Michigan Basketball fan, the news of the recruitment of Tim Hardaway Jr. to the program was met with a mixture of revulsion and hope.

I wishfully went online in the hopes of finding an article detailing a long time estrangement from his father. But to no avail, it unfortunately it looks as though they have a relationship. With this I had only two options: Learn to accept it, or not follow the program as long as Hardaway Jr. is there. With the latter not being a viable possibility, I had to come to grips.

Simple fact is, I’ve been holding on to this abhorrence far too long, especially since we got the better of Hardaway and the Heat the majority of the time. The task will not be an easy one; however, the game of Jr. can go a long way in returning the program to elite status.

I implore you, Jr., to help me get over this dilemma by playing with class, and above all, beat State. In return, I pledge to never hold the long-standing contempt for your father against you and try to get over my prejudice.


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