BlogRoll Part 1

I’ve noticed a number of sites have done posts about friendly blogs that readers should be checking out in addition to their own websites. Especially since there is one particular blog (that will remain nameless) that spits nothing but propaganda and is full of the stereotypical Michigan Fans that the media likes to portray all Michigan fans as being. People need alternatives, we hope you find us to help in that void but we should also show some love to the other folks that are doing their part, and doing it the right way. Again that “right way” was a shot at the blog that will remain nameless. I mean when Dave Brandon called out media outlets for contributing to making the coaching search a complete mess, he was pointing in their direction. Anyway, this is a topic for another post. Let’s get on with the Blog Roll.

Of all the Maize and Blue Blogs that are out there, Michigan Zone is clearly one of the most entertaining. The best part of the site is that the humor factor is fantastic. One of the funniest sites that I know of. They also create some great Michigan Art. Slight warning, not all the posts are workplace safe.

When it comes to Basketball in the state of Michigan, especially High School this site is amazing. The writing is superb, if you are a basketball junkie this address needs to be bookmarked.

UM Go Blog is like a brother from another mother to WolverinesEast. The topics touched on here are wide-ranging in the U of M Universe. The people over there know their stuff, the writing is some of the most professional you can find. If you like us, you will definitely like our friends over at UM Go Blog.

I picked these 3 mainly because I’ve been visiting them for the longest time. There are a number of additional sites that should be mentioned, and for the record they will be. I just had to work with 3 of the most solid works that I know of. Don’t just take my word on it, check them out yourself. Tell them WolvereinesEast sent you. P.s. we will be adding permanent links soon.

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