Demar Dorsey enrolls at Grand Rapids Community College

I know this has been out for a while but wanted to wait and say something about it, not just post. I really hope this is a sign that he wants to turn his life around. He could have easily found a Community College to attend in his home state of Florida but decided instead to head up to Grand Rapids. Clearly trying to get away from many of the people that might have been trying to bring him down. Who knows, maybe he could go the Cam Newton Route (minus the bidding war) and transfer his Junior or Senior year to Div 1 team. Hopefully if he keeps his grades up and wants to come to Michigan he’ll get a better shake then he got last time (I think a lot of that had to do with the hatred to the previous administration). I look forward to following his career either way.


Demar Dorsey, who was recruited to play football for Michigan but was not admitted to the university, will attend Grand Rapids Community College, it was reported Monday.

Dorsey could play football at Grand Rapids Community College. The football team is 20-3 over the last three seasons.

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