Monday QB: Valentine Love Edition

Love is in the air and has been all weekend for U of M. After a lousy week, Michigan fans were treated to a weekend of wins.

I think we should all start by taking out the brooms!! That’s right Michigan Swept O$U in Ice Hockey. While sweeping the Suckeyes warms my Heart, I think Champion Of The East said it best “O$U Hockey sucks we better beat them”.  COTE is dead right those guys where chumps and the Wolverines easily outplayed them on Friday and Saturday and while the scores were closer than we would like, a W is a W and a sweep is always impressive in a rivalry.

Is there anyone in the house who thought the Michigan MBBall would have 16 wins this year? Well here at WolverinesEast thought we  could finish with somewhere around 19-20 wins (Pre-Big Ten Tournament). It looks like the last couple of games our team has really hit its stride with a splendid performance from Morgan on Wednesday (27 points!!!) and with a gritty win Saturday led by Hardaway Jr.’s 26 points. This team has gone from a rebuilding process to a real threat to make a run at the big dance. We have 2 big games this week but the young Wolverines have really embraced their destiny as one of the best up and coming teams in the Big Ten.

To top this great weekend off unbeatable O$U blew a huge lead to lose their first game of the season (More on this in Suckeye Fail of the week).

This is how real Wolverine fans celebrate Valentine’s Day (And all holidays) with wins!!!

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