Get To Know WolverinesEast Part 1

I was thinking the other day and figured that it’s possible that our readers would actually like to learn a bit about the writers and people behind WolverinesEast. Today I will be starting off this Multi part series.

WoodsonBaby Bio

Real Name: Unknown\WoodsonBaby

Place of Birth: NYC

Current Residence: NYC

Favorite Wolverine: Every man to wear the Maize and Blue with a few exceptions like Justin Boren Who can go to hell.

Other Interests:  Technology\Web Design\ SEM\Email\Mobile, Video Games, NBA\NFL\NHL(Primarily supporting the Michigan players of Course).

While I was born and raised in NY. Most of my family members went to Michigan so I was raised on Michigan Football and Hockey which really got me going from a young age. Over the last ten years I have become absolutely addicted to Michigan football and base a huge portion of my existence on the Wolverines. Every year I have made sure to go to at least 2 FB games at the Big House\Mecca. I’ve also recently gotten engaged(that right I’m not a fat guy in my mom’s basement) to A perfect Woman, She surprised me for my birthday last year and arranged  my friends and family to go to the UofM FB Home opener.

I Began working on this Blog because I spend so much of my free time talking about Michigan related topics, so I figured that my good Friend Champion of the East and I should start this blog. No matter the record, the players, or the coach, I will always fully support the Maize and Blue!!!! Go Blue!!!!!

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