Monday QB 2/07

Yesterday could not have gone much better. All my stars must have been aligned because almost everything in the sports world was going my way. And it would start upon waking up yesterday to a Michigan BBall game.  While frustrating at times, Michigan BBall has really been refreshing to watch this year. Darius Morris has played like a man possessed and when Tim Hardaway Jr. gets hot you better get out of his way. In many ways, Sunday’s game was 2 comebacks in one with the team fighting back at the end of the first half and at the end of the second half. This kind of resilience is not something you find very often in a young team which makes me drool at the prospect of having many of these players for 2 more years +. But that was just the beginning of a great day.

My early victory would be followed by M$U being embarrassed by Iowa; emphasis on the embarrassed. At this point I thought I can’t wait for the Super Bowl tonight because at this rate Woodson would have his ring by halftime. Low and behold the Packers would pull out a win and my beloved Charles Woodson would get his first ring (More on this in NFL Wolverine of the Week).  With all this said, I could have had the all time perfect day if only useless gophers could have stopped O$U. At least this makes room for an even better sports day on a late Saturday in November.

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