Recruiting Rants/Raves 2/3

According to the two most reliable recruiting sites, Michigan finished in the top 30 on both (Scout 27 and Rivals 21). On Scout if you go by the star average Michigan falls in the top 20, thus showing over-signing has a lot to do with class ranking. For the record, teams falling ahead of Michigan in the rankings; FSU took 28, USC 30, Tennessee 27, Clemson 29 Texas Tech 29 and South Carolina took 31. This issue really is something that would be best left to another post so I won’t go further…..

Again, all things considered it was a solid class. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it doesn’t hurt losing out on Cooper and Fisher. More important than their star rating (which was good), they both are in positions of need (DT and OT). The good news, the next Midwest class will be loaded with talent, some of which Michigan should be favorites. I fully expect Michigan to return to the top 10 classes in the country next year.

Look there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said thousands times the last 24hrs. I leave you with this, keep your eye on Mr. Thomas Rawls over the next few years, have a feeling he could be the biggest surprise of the entire class.

Off topic, but wanted to give you another Manny Harris update. One of his most complete games last night vs. the Pacers, almost helping to get them their first win of the new year. Stat, 19 Points, 8 Rebounds.

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