Monday Afternoon QB 1/31

First, let’s again congratulate Darius Morris for the 3rd Triple-Double in Michigan Basketball History. In a must win game vs. the current bottom feeders in Iowa, Michigan had a strong second half to close out the Hawkeyes. With the two wins @Sparty and Home with Iowa looks like Michigan could be back on track for a NIT bid. Looking at the remaining 9 games, if they could go 6-3 over that span they would be sitting well for the NIT bid with the Big Ten Tournament coming up. It won’t be easy, assuming @O$U and Home-Wisconsin will be losses, Michigan will need 6 wins out of the @PennSt, NW, Indiana, @Ill, @Iowa, @Minn and MSU. That might be asking a lot from this team but if Darius Morris keeps playing this well I think they can do it.

I don’t want to talk too much about this but the Hockey team took a tough loss to Sparty over the weekend. I know a lot of people are upset with the result, considering Sparty isn’t that good this year. But you have to understand the circumstances. With their coach letting the world know he won’t be back next season, I expected Sparty to come out with everything they had to get a win over Michigan. Pretty much what happened… while yeah I’m not happy with losing either but I understand, and expect the team to bounce back @Miami (side note Miami Ohio is full of Douchebags… don’t have more to say about it just wanted to make sure u know).

With signing day on Wednesday it looks strong that Michigan will land at least 3-4 commits. Won’t get too much into it, considering there are already a ton of updates out there. Just want to say if they can land Cooper or reaffirm Fisher it would be a great day.

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