Mattison: “Like Coming Home”

I just really loved this article, wanted to make sure you read it.

Via Det News:

New Michigan ‘D’ coordinator: ‘It’s like coming home’

The Detroit News

Greg Mattison says he wouldn’t have left his good NFL job, as defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens, for a return to Michigan had it not been for new head coach Brady Hoke.

Mattison, Michigan’s new defensive coordinator, also says Big Ten opponents will have to deal with a “physical” and “swarming” Wolverines defense from here on out.

The comments were made in a four-minute interviewed for

“To walk around this facility and to be back at Michigan, I guess you never realize how much you miss it until you come back,” said Mattison, 61. “It’s like coming home.”

From The Detroit News:–D–coordinator–‘It’s-like-coming-home’#ixzz1BhX0A4Vc

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