New DC Greg Mattison Overview(Hoke branded Snake oil)

It appears that RR was not the only one selling Snake Oil in AA, it appears that Coach Hoke has some of his own to sell as well. News came in yesterday that Brady Hoke had lured Greg Mattison DC of the Baltimore Ravens and one of the most desirable DCs in all of football to the University of Michigan.  Let me not understate how huge this hiring is:

1.       GM is one of the best DCs at the college level having coached at Michigan(!!!) ND and Florida.

2.       Gm is one of the best DCs at the Pro level, keeping the Ravens as one of the most feared defenses in the NFL.

3.       You still want to talk about how Michigan jobs are not coveted and high profile…This is Michigan for God sake.

4.       This is exactly the kind of hire recruits will be salivating over to play for(just ask Kellen Jones who is back to 99% for U of M whom called TomVH last night singing The Victors).

With that all being said I would like to discuss a little of what Greg is going to bring to the UM D besides clout and experience. For starters I know many of you are curious as to what style of defense GM runs and will most likely run at the UM, Gm runs a 3-4 defense with numerous blitz packages implemented to confuse\destroy opposing offenses. We have though heard a rumor from Rivals Board that some of the assistants have told recruits they will be running a base 4-3 next year. Well either way, what does this mean for us besides a significantly upgrade defense? For starters as we have seen with Baltimore this kind of defense (3-4) does not require great CBs, making a mediocre secondary look amazing. Second point is that we have good players for this system already Mike Martin as DE getting to the QB Big Will should see a renaissance at the NT position(think a Raw Haloti Ngata) and Craig Roh should feel right at home rushing the QB from the outside linebacker position. If we run a base 4-3 you can slide Martin in at tackle and have your choice of end (Black, Van Bergen to give you names). Truth is in either attack you should expect from GM more aggressive play calling rather than the pussyfooting that was done much of last season.

All in all I think this was an amazing hire which will really turn the defense around quickly. Besides all of these players being a year older, and getting healthy, we will have a DC who knows how to stop the run and keep QBs off balance. This should be a real refreshing change after the last few years of defense.

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