NFL Wolverine of the Week Playoff Edition

I’m sure many of you expected to wake up this morning to a Tom Brady WotW, but instead the world was shocked. This week’s WotW honors belong to David Harris and Braylon Edwards. Former Wolverines, Harris and Edwards where instrumental in this week’s playoff upset of the Pats. With the Pats storming down the field to take the lead early in the game David Harris Picked Tom Brady off for the first time since the stone age, Harris would finish the day with 12 tackles and 1 QB hit. With Harris locking down the Pats on the defensive side of the ball Braylon lit it up in the first half on the offensive side.  Braylon jumped started the Jets’ offense in the second Quarter with a one handed against the helmet 37 yard reception that would set up a LT TD. Braylon would follow that up with a killer TD dragging 2 Patriot defenders into the end zone with him. Congrats to these 2 on a stellar performance. Also note normally at WolverinesEast we don’t comment on rumors  but this morning it has been speculated that USA men’s gymnastics team contacted BE early Monday  about trying out for the team.

Honorable mentions:

Zoltan Mesko

Charles Woodson

More JetBlue Action:

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