Week for the Ages

What a week! It’s amazing how you can go from the lowest lows to the highest highs in one week. Things started with the continual pain from O$U lucking out and winning their bowl game, followed by the cheaters winning a close game Monday night. On top of all those issues the coaching search and speculation were making me go crazy (Justin Feagins crazy). But Tuesday things began to turn around; 1st my Fiancé and I set the date for our wedding (July 4th 2011) followed by Brady Hoke becoming Michigan’s 19th Head Football Coach. The good vibes continued on Wednesday with BH silencing all the critics letting the world know that Michigan as a team was ready to return to the big time.  And yesterday last but not least our new man Hoke let us know that Shoelaces would remain untied in the Big House in 2011. We have now made it through another week and the good news is we are one week closer to the rebirth or Michigan football

Other important notes:

  • Fan fav Fred Jackson RB Coach has been offered a job by the new administration and is staying.
  • Hoke is bringing many coaches with him from SDST. We will post a comprehensive overview on the coaches when it is finalized.
  • Michigan M BB Plays Indiana at 8:00 PM on Saturday.
  • Michigan Hockey begins a home and home with Ferris State tonight at 7:35 PM and continues the series at Ferris State 7:05 PM Saturday.

Go Blue!!!

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