Angry Rant Against Whiny Fans

I’m sorry in advance for this rant but I needed to get a few things off my chest before the press conference. Look I mentioned this on twitter but if I hear one more dope say they don’t like the hire and then point to the fact that Brady Hoke has a losing overall record, I’m going to find them and smash my computer screen over their head. You are obviously just reading numbers and are not doing any homework on the matter. His first HC job, he went to one of the worst Division 1 programs in the country (Ball State), turned them into a winner and finished with a 12-1 regular season record.

He goes to San Diego State, a team that had not been to a bowl in over a decade and in just two years made them 9-4 and went on to win a bowl game (first bowl win in a few decades for SDST). For Christ Sake if you know anything about College Football look at where he took them, not where the program began… I’m not even going to mention that Gene Chizik had a losing record before Auburn… I guess I just did. Look there are legit reasons I can understand you might not be happy but please do not use this as an excuse.

Brian of MGoBlog, you sir are a fraud. For months/years you have supported Rodriguez but more importantly have maintained how much it has hurt him having such a divided fanbase and how the next coach needs a fair shot. You then go on to write your Hoke Reaction which was nothing more than blasting the University decision and helping to further split the fanbase. Love that this, your first post about the hire does nothing more than rip our current head coach and spread your idiotic propaganda. (Warning Sarcasm) I sure hope recruits don’t read blogs such as this and get turned off by this representation of our fanbase of whiny $^*#@ (Censured). TomVH is the only person worth reading on that site.

Thank you for reading my rant. I’m sorry if it dragged on but wrote this kind of angry

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