Coaching Rumors

WolverinesEast would like to make something clear; we will NOT be discussing any coaching rumors on our site. Many blogs and news outlets out there love to report every rumor that comes up such as “Pat Riley is coming out of retirement to coach Michigan.” But the truth of the matter is no one knows anything yet, Dave Brandon is keeping everything very close to his chest. I would also like to say all of the candidates have their positives and negatives. The man who finally gets chosen won’t make Maize and Blue nation say in unison “Great job DB, he is perfect for the job,” there will always be people who are pissed and start hating. But I hope we as fans have all learned something from the 3 years with RR, We must support whoever is chosen. Many people including us at WolverinesEast supported RR through thick and thin but there were enough haters to really detract from our program, that’s right hating only hurts Michigan and its image! So when Dave Brandon does finally announce our new HC I know all true Michigan fans will stand, cheer and help usher in our return to greatness.

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