New Coach New Site

I’m sure you have all been wondering where WolverinesEast has been these last couple of days. Well during all the chaos of the Retention\Fire\Hire extravaganza we at WolverinesEast have decided to not comment on the ever changing rumors and instead put our efforts towards a new project. Because we will now be having a new coach at Michigan, we decided it would be a good time to have a new website! That’s right we are upgrading to our very own .com on our own server. By doing this we will have much more control allowing us to bring even more Wolverine news to our viewers all around the country. For anyone concerned that this will change your experience at WolverinesEast fret not, I have spent hours making sure that the site works and looks almost identical to the current WolverinesEast. Go Blue!!!

We are always looking to improve our site. Please let us know in the comments on Twitter(@WolverinesEast) or at our email address( how you think we can make the site better.

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