New Year QB 1/03

This weekend has probably been one of the worst in Michigan football history. A Bowl slaughtering with our coach’s job on the line, De-commits, transfer rumors, academic ineligibility…the list goes on. Worst of all these combined facts have splintered the Maize and Blue Fans. Some fans want a new coach, some want old players to Coach, and some want old coach’s to coach. I guess the question now is where do we go from here?

As we have mentioned before Dave Brandon is a very smart man and an even smarter businessman (He helped save dominos for god sake). I trust he is taking all aspect of this Retention\Hiring\Firing into consideration. The options for him are fairly clear cut:

1.       Keep RR, Fire GRob, and Hire a new DC

2.       Fire RR GRob, and Hire a New Coaching staff.

Don’t fool yourself both of these options have positives and negatives. Choice 1 is risky because of the PR disaster that was the Gator bowl. It would also be a disaster if we retain RR and do not improve next year(Which I think we would). Option 2 has its fare share of risk as well. Rebuilding takes time, people are ignorant if they believe a Harbaugh (Took 3 years at Stanford), Hoke, Miles or any other coach could turn things around in one year.  Recruiting has already taken a hit and expect players to transfer, this is what takes place with a new system.

The options are in place and as fans all we can do is wait and be supportive of any coaching changes or non changes that take place. Remember “It’s always darkest right before the dawn.”

On a brighter note Congrats to the Men’s BBall team on their 76-69 comeback Victory over PSU. On such a gloomy weekend Michigan came out flat before Darius Morris(20 Pts 10 Ast) and crew stormed back from a 9 point deficit to win. The Team has now completed their 8 game home stand and will now travel to Madison on Jan 5th to take on the badgers. Go Blue!!!

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