Recruiting News/Notes

First and foremost with the news of Anthony Zettel picking Penn State over the likes of Michigan and MSU some have mentioned that this could be because behind the scenes Rich Rod could be out. Look I could be wrong but I still think it would be very hard to fire Rich Rod if he is coming off a bowl win. I think Brandon may have an idea of what he is going to do but wants to see the performance before he makes a move. But look I trust Dave Brandon either way, the man fixed Dominos (Made it edible), he can fix Michigan Football (Dominos is way harder to fix).

I do believe that coaching uncertainty played a role in his decision. I know he picked Penn State and I highly doubt Joe Pa has 4 years left but consider, when Joe Pa does leave I expect the transition from him to whomever the new coach is to be seamless and not much in a change of philosophy. Unlike if Rich Rod goes, everything will be overhauled and most likely a new philosophy will be implemented.

Moving on from Zettel, it makes the recruitment of Darian Cooper, Ray Drew and the long shot Tim Jernigan even more important. It is very crucial to add another DL to this class; preferably a DT but I’ll take whatever I can get. I think we will know much better where Michigan stands with these recruits after the decision is made on the coaching staff. Wish I had something else but this Zettel news kind of dominated the newswire.

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