Mich Basketball Gets No Respect

Via Journal Gazette: Fort Wayne, IN

“And with a potentially easy start to the conference schedule – expected bottom feeders Michigan, Iowa and Penn State are three of the first four games – the Boilermakers still have time to make improvements before the tough slate hits.”

Many fans have found this as a surprise but in truth if Michigan Basketball wants to earn respect it’s going to have to get it in Big Ten play. As I said before, an opening win against Purdue would change expectations for this team. Not to depress anyone, however, but a lose would set up a very possible 1-4 stretch with games after Purdue consisting of Penn St, @Wis, Kansas, and OSU. As for a prediction in todays game I expect it to be very close. Michigan will be very fired-up, coupled with the fact they have already seen a talented big man (Kieth Benson) and will be ready to take on JaJuan Johnson. I’m not as impressed with Purdue so far as some of the “experts.” Yes they have been winning without Hummel but if they come in overlooking the Wolverines they could be in for a rude awakening. Prediction: Michigan 67 Purdue 66; game ends on Darius Morris Runner in the Lane

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