Monday Afternoon QB 12/27

On this beautiful snow day in the northeast I don’t know about you but I’m still rejoicing the fact that Michigan was able to grab a kicker in this class. I’m not going to lie to you though, projecting the how well a kicker will translate from High School to College isn’t easy but if this coaching stuff didn’t try to solve one of the biggest issues on this team I would have been very disappointed. The fact is, it is highly unlikely the team will be able to turn the defense around in one year, but special teams if the correct steps are taken, can take a big jump. Improvements to the special teams (Kick-Offs, Punts, Scoring Points on FGs) coupled with our ability to run the football (i.e. control time of possession) would go a long way in masking the many issues on defense.

I usually save this for Wednesdays but wanted to talk about one point in recruiting. I think it has been mentioned but word seems Michigan is not completely out of it for Tim Jernigan. While I’m not overly optimistic, Michigan has caught a lucky break in playing in the Gator Bowl which isn’t far from Jernigan himself. It sounds like he’s going to visit during one of the open practices that are going to be held. Finding a way to land Jernigan would be the biggest coup since Rich Rod has taken over.

Lastly, Michigan Basketball returns Tuesday with a much anticipated Big Ten Opening against Purdue. If Michigan pulls off the upset the expectations for this team are going to go through the roof. Though I had one of the few optimistic outlooks for this team at the beginning of the year, we just need to remember they are still young. They have enough talent to beat anyone in the Big Ten but also the youth to lose to anyone as well. If anything has been proven so far, it’s that they definitely play up and down to the competition. For that fact I’m looking for a good showing vs. Purdue.

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