Mississippi State Preview Part 3

Welcome back to our 4 part preview of the Gator Bowl feature. With only a week and 2 days until our first bowl game in 2 seasons my anticipation has reached the boiling point. This week I will go over my game prediction.


I don’t care what the stupid analyst say this is a good match-up for Michigan. The Wolverines have played some of the better teams in the country this year, we have seen better runners, passers, DL, LB and CB then this MSU team. We know what has to be done to TCB the question is always execution. Our defense and offense while very young are extremely talented and for the most part can be taught what needs to be done for a specific game. For example Michigan had all summer to prepare for the BCS bound UCannt Huskies and we blew them up. In many ways Michigan has a similar challenge as they did so many months ago against the Huskies. Coach on the hot seat, a sophomore QB with a lot  to prove(No Heisman……Stupid Cheaters) a defense with a ton of question marks playing a favored BCS team with a super run game(scoff all you want at UCann’t but Todman finnished the season 4th in the nation with 1574 Yrds and 14 TDs).

Knowing how the Huskies game turned out we now turn to the Bulldogs. I believe this team has improved this year we maize and blue faithful have had something to cheer about for the first time in 3 years and i think this game will be the icing on the cake. The defense will be tough against the run forcing MSU to throw more often then they like. While i do expect the defense to let up some points i do think we will see some improvement and consistency in gaps and run stopping. On offense, what is there to say these fools at MSU will make the mistake most teams made this year; commit to stopping Drob. Why is this a mistake 1. you cant stop laces he will run all over their faces regardless 2. Drob is a good passer with WR’s who are better then most people think; you commit to stopping Drob’s run he will find his open WR in the Weaker MSU secondary and 3. If you somehow manage to stop all that try sleeping on VS and “The Shaw Shank Redemtion” and you will look up as they waltz into the end-zone.

Most of this year all Michigan needed to do in their losses was to have a Healthy Team(Check) and slightly more defense. we will see this and then some. Get ready for a preview of the 2011 Wolverines “Those who stay will be champions”.

Come back next week as I Wrap up our preview of MSU at Michigan Gator Bowl New Years Battle.

Go Blue!!!!!!

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