Monday Afternoon QB 12/20

Good Afternoon all. I will be taking over the Monday Morning QB slot today as Champion of the East is a Giants fan and will be unavailable for obvious reasons….(We wish you a quick recovery).

Great weekend for Men’s BBall who  defeated the giant killers From Oakland in convincing fashion (69-51). This team continues to impress me and while it’s still a long season it helps to have a great start. Special thanks to Zack Novak for his brilliant Double Double (13Pts 12 Rebs) and Darius “the Great” Morris on his team high 18 Points.

In other news I have been hearing quite a few rumblings from the head Coach of San Diego State. That right our former DL coach Brady Hoke is hot for the Michigan HC job stating it’s his “Dream job”.  While I’m not sure if there is any truth to this rumor I’m still on the RR boat, if we start with a new coach now it will take yet another few years to rebuild. So for now let continue to believe that rumors are rumors and prepare for our exciting New Years Bowl!!!!!

Last but not least I spent the weekend in Happy Valley(Fail) for my Fiancés Brother/Good Friend BrownBear’s graduation. Needless to say their campus pales in comparison in all ways to AA but was still fun to chat with people who also dislike O$U. No need to fear before I left I made sure to pull some voodoo magic  to help turn the tides of the series back in our direction…..Go Blue lol.

Also please enjoy yet another brilliant video from the man InRichRodWeTrust.

Go Blue!!

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