Recruiting News 12/15/10

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I guess there was a couple of news worthy things that took place this week. Avery Walls, the long time Michigan lean picked California. As it had been reported here at WolverinesEast, we did not feel this commit was going to be coming our way. You have to imagine the coaching uncertainty would have a much larger affect on players that are not in-state or close to Michigan. Not saying that was the only reason but I’m sure it was a deal breaker if he didn’t already eliminate Michigan.

(Scout 3 Star) MI LB Desmond Morgan committed to Michigan after his visit to the Big Chill. This kid really reminds me of Jake Ryan of last year. Most likely will red-shirt his first season but look for him to make an impact after that, if not immediately on defense, then on special teams. For those of you that like to attack this coaching staff for their lack of in-state recruiting, you have to be happy with this year’s recruiting class so far. If you can’t recognize this, you’re just not ever going to be happy with this staff.

Lastly, I’m a little late on this. Didn’t get around to cover this last week, but I forgot how much Michigan fans have been following Kicking Prospects with this past season so in the future I’ll try not to sit on Kicking updates. Michigan has offered K Connor Loftus from California. For what it’s worth, he has said distance is not a factor in his decision and he would like to take a visit in the near future. One thing that should be heaven to the ears of Wolverine fans, the kid said on Kick-Offs he is 80 to 85% on touchbacks. That would be a good change.

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