Monday QB/PG 12/13

First and foremost I want to touch on the special season the Michigan Men’s Soccer team had. As I said last week, win or lose they are already heroes. I’m so proud of what they accomplished, I know there are no moral victories but they gave a hell of a game to a very good Akron team.  I just want to say thank you from all of us at WolverinesEast for helping to take our minds off of the coaching circus with the football team. On another note just heard Freshman Forward Soony Saad was selected as one of the 24 players for the USA U-20 National Team training camp, held Dec. 12-19. I think this news makes clear this program is going in a great direction.

Darius Morris is a Man. He posted his second straight double-double (19 pts 10 assists) in the win against Utah. Yes, Utah is not the same team as last season but they are not a push over by any means. The thing that gets me the most excited, is that when Morris goes to take over the game much like Manny did last season it’s not just through scoring the basketball, but getting his teammates involved as well. Much of last season seemed to be Manny taking over and the rest of the team watching. If the trend of this season continues they will be a fun team to watch for any real basketball fan. And they will be a pain in the ass for their opponents.

Jon Merrill is a Man. Merrill just about put the game away early with 2 great goals. The university should be proud of the show they put on at the Big Chill; ice looked like it played great, they destroyed the outdoor attendance record, and they put a whooping on Sparty.

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