Harris More Playing Time with Cavs?

Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Every report I have read about Manny since the Cavs gave him a shot in camp as been very positive. With the current state of the Cavs, they just need young players that are willing to go all out every game for them to have a chance to be competitive.

Via greatlakeshoops.com

Manny Harris is about to find out if he’s going to stick in the NBA or not

Certain GLH staffers named Jared Field were mildly surprised when former Detroit Redford and Michigan star Manny Harris made the Cleveland Cavaliers roster as an undrafted rookie free agent.

Now, after barely playing for the Cavs in the first portion of the season and spending time on the inactive list, Harris has not only been activated, but coach Byron Scott looks like he’s ready to give Harris significant minutes to see if he’s capable of contributing.

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