MM QB/PG 12/6

“It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.” I said it before the basketball team took on Harvard, that if we really want to be going in the right direction we need to beat Tommy Amaker and his Harvard team.  While it may have been closer than some would have liked, the Ivy League this season is sporting some quality teams. Moving forward, the next 5 home games are all very winnable games for the team. Coming into the season I thought the Basketball team would have a better season than many predicted. I figured they could be a bubble team, most likely miss out of the Big Dance. If they want to get better than even I predicted (which was the most optimistic view I could find) they have to win all of the next 5. I know that’s a lot to ask of such a young team but they have to do it, if they want to be with the big boys.

Okay we know that the football team will be playing Mississippi State in the Gator Bowl. Woodsonbaby handles the previews so I’ll leave that to him. I just want to plead with my fellow Wolverine fans to stop using the transitive property to say we don’t have a chance in this game, i.e. because Miss St played Auburn well, they must be close to Auburn talent and ability wise, and thus we don’t have a chance to beat them. The Transitive Property is a favorite of Sports fans, it has never predicted with any consistency if one team will beat another. Trust me I have about 15 years of trying to use it and never getting any consistent results. For every example you can find that proves it, I can easily find 2 that disprove it. SO PLEASE STOP USING IT.

Lastly I would like to congratulate the Michigan Soccer team on reaching their first Final Four. It’s a huge accomplishment for such a young program. I hope very much that they will be able to take our minds off of the Coaching drama for a little bit more. But really, win or lose they are already heroes.

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