End of Regular Season Power Rankings

Big Ten Power Rankings: End of regular season report. Yes I know Illinois still has to play Fresno State but unless they get blown out it shouldn’t really affect our rankings.

(Thoughts in Power Rankings do not represent the views of Woodsonbaby)

1. Wisconsin (Far and away they have been the most consistent team in the Big Ten. If they end up playing TCU in the Rose Bowl, which right now it looks like it is most likely I think they will steamroll the University of LT)

2. Ohio State (Once again Jim Tressel has lead O$U to a BCS Bowl Game. Right now most bowl projections have them going to the Sugar Bowl and playing Ryan Mallet and Arkansas. I think that would be a great game and would love to see Ryan Mallet light up their secondary. They still have a chance to go to the Rose Bowl if Wisconsin ends up in the Title Game. They need SC Gamecocks to upset Auburn and Oregon St to take down Oregon. So the O$U fans will be donning the Beaver and Cock Jerseys this weekend.)

3. Michigan State (It really sucks for Sparty to have such a great season and end up in the Capital One Bowl most likely vs. Alabama. Some good news, bad news. Bad news, Alabama is going to dominate Sparty, good news not sure if Nick Saban would run up the score on his old team.)

4. Illinois (These next 5 could really go either way. I put Illinois here because relative to the other 5 teams they have finished strong. Yes they lost to Minnesota but they still were recovering from that thriller vs. Michigan. As I said before, that wasn’t Minny winning, that was Michigan beating them a second time.)

5. Penn State (Yes they lost the last 2 out of 3, but those losses were to O$U and Sparty. I was wrong about them beating the Spartans, but they never did quit even when it didn’t start to well. Season didn’t look to well at the beginning but all-around solid transition year for Penn State.)

6. Iowa (Talk about a bunch of quitters. Mike Gundy Voice; Iowa is Garbage and the Coach that Lead them on the Field is Garbage! Only reason they are this high is because I couldn’t completely dismiss what they did early in the season.)

7. Michigan (They have to be hoping to get picked ahead of Penn State and go to the Gator Bowl. If they end up in the insight vs. Ok State, Mizz or whomever out of the Big 12 I’m not feeling too good about that. But a trip to the Gator to play Florida might save Rich Rod’s job.)

8. Northwestern (I have no respect for this team, think they are one of the most overrated. They have beaten nobody except a bunch of quitters in Iowa.)

9. Minnesota (I know they shouldn’t be there but I think it’s funny they finish the season with wins at Illinois and vs. Iowa. All 3 teams left are pretty bad, gave them the nod because they finished stronger than the others.)

10. Indiana (Congrats Hoosiers you got a win in the Big Ten.)

11. Purdue (Congrats you found a way to lose to Indiana.)

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3 Responses to End of Regular Season Power Rankings

  1. BrownBear says:

    Look for Penn State next year. We should have all our ducks in a row by them. It was a good rebuilding year and we lost to good opponents. Even Illinois is way better than people give them credit.

    I’m super happy with the Big Ten’s performance this year (sans MN, can we kick them out yet?). We had as many as five teams ranked at one point (not counting Nebraska) and we’ll finish with three teams ranked in the top ten in the BCS standings. Suck it SEC. I don’t care if Auburn might go to the Championship. I still feel they don’t deserve it.

    Oh yeah, suck it SEC.

    • woodsonbaby says:

      @BrownBear sadly i wont be looking for PSU next year(enjoy the new division) Until the Championship:).
      But we should all be damn proud of the B10 we represented this year. Also I would not sleep on Michigan that offense(Drob as a JR) plus a good or half decent defense will be straight up frightening! Go Blue

      • BrownBear says:

        Why did you have to bring the crockpot crock pot that is the new division breakdown? We all know who it favors and who got screwed. Stop jabbing my wounds!

        Oh yeah, suck it SEC.

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