Wolverines Own Clemson

Last night was not about Michigan winning their first game in 4 years of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, nor was it about staying a perfect 4 -0 all time against Clemson, it wasn’t even about improving to 4-2 this season. After the departure of Michigan star Manny Harris and semi-star Deshawn Sims at the end of last season many of the Michigan faithful began to think that this season was not going to be pretty. Right before the beginning of the season Champion of the East (CE) and I were discussing what we thought would be the fate of the 2010 Michigan basketball team, when CE said half jokingly”Maybe without Manny and Deshawn hogging the ball they will play more like a team”. And while this is still early in the season, Michigan has truly played like a team with great play from Freshman Evan Smotrycz to sophomore guard Darius Morris. This team has really come together and what they lack in experience they have made up with solid defense and good ball movement.8/9 ESPN analyst may have stupidly chosen Clemson last night but I think 9/9 Michigan fans are pleasantly surprised at the 4-2 start for this young Michigan team.

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