Monday Morning QB 11/29

“When your team is winning be ready to be tough because winning can make you soft. On the other hand, when your team is losing stick by them, keep believing.”

-Bo Schembechler

Look we still stand by the idea that Rich Rod should get another year. I will repeat what the man many Michigan fans hold dear felt on a similar issue. He never forgave Illinois for firing Moeller after 3 seasons (with the belief that it takes 5 years to build your program). He proceeded to run up the score on the Illini the next year. Additionally, if you look at the hot candidate right now, why don’t you look up his (Harbaugh) record the first 3 years at Stanford because it’s about the same of Rich Rod’s right now. If you can accept that from Harbaugh, accept that from Rich Rod.

Many of you dream of going back to the “good old days” of getting 8-10 wins a year. Well many forget it was 8-10 wins then getting beat in the Rose Bowl or whatever bowl they would go to. I for one don’t want to go back to 8-10 wins only to get smacked around in our bowl. I want a team that will compete with the SEC, I want one that will go point for point with the Pac 10, and I want a team that will compete consistently for a chance to play for the National Title. Rich Rod’s offense is currently run by a sophomore and still is ranked as one of the best. Bring in someone who knows how to run the defense and this team can be where I want them to be. Just think of the New Orleans Saints of 2 years ago. Best O in the game, horrible D, new leadership on the defense made them opportunistic and good enough to win it all.

The most important point of all, whatever Dave Brandon decides to do, we will support our team and our University. Even if we don’t agree with that decision, because we cheer for that winged helmet, for that name Michigan no matter who is running the show and calling the shots. That’s called being a true fan. Maybe some of you should try it sometime.

(I’m willing to show the other side of the argument if you wish to send in your thoughts; if it’s good I’ll post it.)

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