Recruiting Update 11/24

What a crazy week of recruiting. Sammy Watkins commits to Clemson…. CLEMSON. RB Justice Hayes de-commits Notre Dame and goes Blue (and yes I look forward to 4 years of we finally have Justice in Ann Arbor/Michigan jokes). Look I was caught very much off guard with Sammy picking Clemson, but I’m not conceding that it is over for us to get this kid. I mean it’s F*&%^ Clemson.

As for Justice, I think Sam Webb put it best, if you are worried about in-state recruiting you should be jumping for joy we got a 4 star from the State. It seems that Justice would be playing the slot position, rather than RB. Michigan will still most likely look to bring in another RB that has a game that compliments what Dee Hart does. So don’t be surprised if that happens. A lot of people have had questions about the recruiting on defense, below I put together a list of the recruits I think will be going Blue in this class As Of Right Now, of course things change with time and with 18 year old kids. Hope it helps and if you have questions hit us up. We do the research so you don’t have to.

DE (Scout 4 Star) Anthony Zettel

I have been saying for a while that Michigan is the team to beat for this kid. I’ve said if we show progress he will go blue. I think we have shown enough for him and if Rich Rod returns I don’t see how he doesn’t go Blue.

DT (Scout 4 Star) Darian Cooper

I think Michigan will land one of the big DT they are targeting, Jernigan is my dream but I think it’s much more likely of landing Mr. Cooper.

OLB (Scout 4 Star) Kris Frost

This kid took a visit to the Wisconsin game and from all reports had an amazing time. Looks like it’s between Auburn and Michigan, but the kid seems pretty straight forward and from what he has said I think he’s going Blue.

MLB (Scout 3 Star) Desmond Morgan

This would be another good in-state pick up. He already took an unofficial for the Illinois game and plans on coming back Dec 10th for an official. He grew up a Michigan fan and I expect him to be going Blue in this class.

CB (Scout 3 Star) Daren Kitchen

My best guess is that Michigan misses out on their target of Blake Countess, thus putting their efforts in Kitchen. Seems like the kid really wants to be here and Michigan is just waiting to see if they can’t get someone higher up on their list first.

S (Scout 4 Star) Wayne Lyons

I put him on the list because I believe Michigan is making a lot of progress with this kid. He still plans on visiting Dec 3 and I believe Michigan will be able to get it done… I think the big reason Michigan turns on the heat for Wayne is because I’m not liking the lack of news I’ve been getting about Avery Walls (Which is why I’m not including Avery on this list).

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