Monday Morning QB 11/22

I’m not really going to waste your time going over that Wisconsin game but I do have to take exception to a lot of the fire Rich Rod noise. Yesterday I posted a great quote from someone I follow on twitter, “all of you Harbaugh people should keep one thing in mind. It took Stanford 4 years to get to where they currently are. this is yr 3 for RR.” -ohbeeeye

It’s not just that, consider if you bring in someone like Harbaugh whom runs a pro-style offense. The last 3 years we have been building an offense to fit our style to play (spread), if we scrap it and change the style again it will set us back at least another 3 years. And 3 years is the conservative guess. Your counter argument could be to bring in a defensive minded head coach to replace Rich Rod and have an offensive coordinator run the O. Well, we will have the same problem if we bring in a Coordinator that runs a pro-style, we will be set back about 3 years. If you want us to bring in a spread coordinator with a Defensive minded Head Coach, why not save a step and keep Rich Rod. Instead of finding both a new coach and a new coordinator, just find a new D coordinator. So unless you would like to go through another 3 to 4 years of 6 to 7 win teams, this is the only option that makes sense. Now if you say that’s what we have to Rich Rod (6 to 7 win team) look to next year. This team will be improved almost by default with the amount of players coming back and considering the amount of freshman that have seen real play time coupled with the schedule lay out. If you don’t think this team can win 9 games next year, you don’t know S*^# about college football.

It’s simple logic, we know the O can work (if you still don’t think it can or that the short falls it may have are clearly because of youth and not execution I don’t know what to tell you) so it wouldn’t make sense to change the head of our O (Rich Rod). Change the problem, the D, (Greg Robinson) and go from there. If you are still not happy remember even Bo Schembechler said that it takes 4-5 years to build a program.

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