Recruiting Update: 11/18

Sorry for the long delay but it happens when your two Bloggers have other work come in the way. I promise we will continue to try to keep these to Wednesday.

First let’s start with some good news. TomVH reported yesterday that he’s been hearing from a few sources, nothing concrete yet that Sammy Watkins now has Michigan as his leader, replacing that of Clemson. I don’t think you need me to tell how big of a pickup it would be to grab arguably the best WR on the board. I’m going to say it again, can you imagine Denard, Dee Hart and Sammy on the same team? So hopefully this comes to pass, TomVH’s sources are usually some of the best so there is reason for optimism. Oh and we still keep getting hits and questions about Dee Hart. Again, his mom herself said rumors of a de-commit have been greatly overblown.

Carlton Brundidge has finally signed is letter of intent for Mich Basketball. Some began to wonder what the holdup was, turned out he was just waiting for his dad to be back to have the ceremony with him. On the down side Michigan lost out on big man Amir Williams to the Buckeyes. I didn’t have high hopes for him to come here but losing out to O$U always hurts a little extra.

As for the Kicking recruit Matt Goudis, sounds like he enjoyed his visit but will remain a solid Boise State commit. It sucks for the fact that the kid seems like the real deal, but there is still time to figure out what to do about the Kicking position for next year. I still believe Michigan will add a Kicker to the class before too late.

Please find the visitors to the Wisconsin Game from TomVH:


  • LB/WR Kris Frost
  • TE Jack Tabb
  • OL Jake Fisher (Commit)
  • LB Ryan Petro – Florida linebacker, hearing from Michigan and a few other bigger schools, like Nebraska.
  • OL Chris Bryant (Maybe) – He’s figuring out if he can come
  • LB Antonio Kinard (Maybe) – Kinard may be in this weekend. Figuring things out as we speak, should know soon obviously.


  • RB Juwan Lewis – Muskegon running back plans on being there. Teammate of 2011 DT Damon Knox
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