Big Ten Power Rankings 11/17/10

(Thoughts in Power Rankings do not represent the views of Woodsonbaby)

1. Wisconsin

(I don’t mean to take credit for their performance last Saturday but its clear my putting them at number 3 made them want to make a statement….. I guess I do mean to take credit.)

2. Ohio State

(That was a very impressive second half of football; the reason I have to knock them down to 2 is that first half was pathetic. Pryor has not lived up to the performance he had in last years Rose Bowl. This makes me skeptical to those who claim O$U as the best 1 loss team. Not to mention who exactly have they beat, toughest team they took on they lost to (Wisconsin) and what’s their best win? Let’s be real, The U isn’t exactly back.)

3. Iowa

(I know I know that was a horrible loss to Northwestern. But the way they put such a beat down on State, I just can’t put Sparty ahead of them right now…. Maybe I will have to when they get beat down by O$U this weekend.)

4. Michigan State

(Again, couldn’t move them ahead of Iowa with that beat down still fresh in my memory…. They still need a little help to get to a BCS Bowl, but honestly I think they are going down in Happy Valley on Penn State’s Senior Day.)

5. Michigan

(Think about this Wolverine fans, since Wisconsin ends the season at home vs. Northwestern, Buckeye fans are going to have to pull for the Maize and Blue upset this week for a trip to the Rose Bowl. And Next week Sparty fans are going to have to cheer for the Victors to beat O$U to give them their shot at the Rose Bowl.)

6. Northwestern

(I was soooo close to putting them at 5, but then I remembered its Northwestern. For a better reason I think their Defense is VERY Slow and if they played Michigan or O$U they would get killed. Before that Iowa victory there best win was either Vanderbilt or Indiana. They will lose out their remaining games, even if Persa had played and depending on the bowl, they will either lose it or get destroyed. I can go on and on but I refuse to spend more time on Northwestern… p.s. Wilbon Sucks.)

7. Penn State

(Why don’t I have Penn State higher? Looking at the entirety of the season so far Penn State has been blown out by both Iowa (a paper champion) and Illinois at home whom Michigan beat two weeks ago. Not to mention that second half performance was embarrassing and I’m not even a Penn State fan…. But yes as I said I’m calling it now, they will beat Sparty to end the season.)

8. Illinois

(I think Sam Webb said it best, Michigan beat Illinois twice. That team was still demoralized mentally from that 3OT loss. Maybe still hurt physically as well. Zook needs to win out to keep is job, they better come to play.)

9. Purdue

(Considering that Purdue does not have a QB I’m guessing it will be difficult to win the next two to be bowl eligible. I mean you just can’t let the Michigan Defense look that good.)

10. Minnesota

(Be happy Gopher fans, first week outside the basement…. Not sure how long that will last.)

11. Indiana


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