11/12/10 Big Ten Power Rankings

Since we last took a shot at Power Rankings a number of things have changed and a number of things have stayed the same. As always, message us if you think something is way out there or if you just want to play devils advocate. I do my best not to be bias, as you’ll see. Now without further ado, let’s get to it. (Again, rankings don’t reflect the thoughts of woodsonbaby).

Champion of the East Big Ten Power Rankings for Week 11

1. Ohio State; or as Woodsonbaby refers to them O$U

(After the Wisconsin game many thought the Buckeyes were exposed. The fact of the matter is that it is just extremely hard to win in Madison. They have been able to get back on track with two powder puffs, the Gophers and Purdue. The real test comes in two weeks when they travel to Iowa, which very well could be the Big Ten Game of the Year.)

2. Iowa

(I guess you can really flip a coin with Iowa and O$U, but with that loss at home to Wisconsin, as opposed to O$U’s loss on the road I have to keep Iowa at #2 for now. The beat down they gave to Michigan State was glorious. They are at Northwestern, who plays very tough but Iowa should be fine, again the big test is in two weeks hosting the Buckeyes.)

3. Wisconsin

(Yes I know they beat both of the teams ahead of them but let’s be real. They won in Madison against O$U, they can beat almost anyone at home, they are so good there. And not to mention the Buckeyes just weren’t ready to play at all. As for Iowa, I’m still certain that game was a fluke, if they played 10 times Iowa would win 7 to 8. They are a very good team, just can’t make them 1 or 2.)

4 Michigan State

(Talk about a fluke team that still might represent the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl. I mean come on barely beat ND at Home on a trick play, Wisconsin decides the not show up, Michigan takes their shot-gun offense and flips the barrel around and shoot themselves, and Northwestern remember they are Northwestern in the 2nd half. I almost hope they do go to the Rose Bowl and Oregon gets 1 loss and ends up playing them….. Something like 63-7 is my prediction.)

5. Penn State

(I have to give it to you Penn State fans, you are playing relatively well. I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much this weekend, if you take out the Gopher game they have been out scored 48-6 on the Road this season.)

6. Michigan

(Michigan is finally going Bowling again, they got the win they desperately needed last weekend. Hopefully they will keep the momentum going against Purdue. Many think this may be the last shot at a win, I’m not conceding anything myself. This offense doesn’t turn the ball over they have a chance against anyone in the Big Ten.)

7. Illinois

(Illinois can’t let the heartbreak in Ann Arbor bring down their season, 3 very winnable games coming up with the chance to finish strong.)

8. Northwestern

(Northwestern really must be thinking of what could have been. They lose by 3 to Purdue, beating Michigan State at home into the second half and dominating Penn State at the start.)

9. Indiana

(Yes I know they are winless in the Big Ten, but last two weeks have played Iowa and Northwestern very tough. Purdue the last 3 games have been outscored 127-23.)

10. Purdue

(Snake Oil Bowl this Saturday, if they have anything left, they will bring it…. Not sure they do and really shouldn’t matter.)

11. Minnesota


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