Purdue Preview


  • The story of Purdue’s offense this year has been injuries at the QB position. Robert Marve got a lot of hype before the season but went down with an ACL, Then Speedster QB Rob Henry came in and is now out with a lacerated right throwing hand. Enter RS FR Sean Robinson who has 2 TDs, to his 4 INTs.
  • If the boilermakers have any strength on Offense it would be the running game (39th). Led by SR FB Dan Dierking (458 YRDS 3 TDs). But even this has fallen off with a lot of the running also coming from injured QB Rob Henry (391 YRDS 4 TDs)
  • The defense is led by future first round draft pick SR DE Ryan Kerrigan who has helped the team look good at times(When they get pressure)  but awful at other times. In the last three games they have 42 points against Wisconsin Illinois and O$U. It appears that this defense is sliding in the wrong direction.

Key Match-ups:

The Michigan Offense Vs. The Purdue Offense- This is probably the only necessary key Matchup this week. With both teams playing awful “defense” at the moment it’s logical to assume that it will come down to whose offense can throw up more points. And with Purdue using a third string FR QB and a Fulback you would have to believe that the Michigan offense and DRob will be able to outscore the boilermakers. It was nice last week to see the role players come in and support the QB’s with Roundtree Hemingway and Shaw”shank Redemption” all playing their hearts out until the end, it should be interesting to see if they stay hot.

Michigan Defense- Although the Defense let up 65 points last week I did see some improvement from the unit. We have to remember this group not only has walk-ons and freshman but now has tons of injuries in the secondary and upfront. The Team showed a lot of heart and endurance to help seal last week’s game. This is the worst offensive team we will see this year and if the defense has any ability they will be able to limit the boiler makers offense.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t care where this game is played Indiana, Michigan, Spain, the Moon, The Wolverines should really own this Boilermaker teams. The Wolverines cannot be stopped on offense (Drob, Tate, Gardner it don’t matter) and should put up at least 40 while the defense may have received a spark from that 3 OT thriller last week. I expect the Wolverines to dominate the injury ridden Purdue and turn out one of the best performances we have seen from the wolverines this years.

Go Blue!!!

Because it’s all about the offense let’s take a look at one of my all time favorite TDs against Purdue (Special thanks to Mike Hart for being aMaizing)

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