Recruiting Update 11/10

I don’t know if DeAnthony Arnett is a genius or a dope…. I’m leaning toward dope. I know those of you that read our Recruiting Update are usually well versed in news and either heard or watched DeAnthony’s video fun last night. He did a fake commitment video for each of his top 5 and Central Mich, some funny especially the Central, others not so much to say the least. By the end all I could think of was this has Sparty Commit written all over it. Of the main schools he talked about State and Cal were the only ones he or his brother didn’t rip in some way. Since I think the top two contenders for him are Sparty and the Vols, my guess is he’s a Sparty. We shall find out tonight around 7 pm. Honestly, I don’t even care anymore, this kid is a dope. Bring me Sammy Watkins…. Whom we are still in the top two last I checked.

Speaking of Sammy Watkins, his teammate CB Dallas Crawford still has Michigan as his number 1 choice. Hopefully it that remains the case it could help bring in Sammy away from Clemson (Clemson is the other in his top 2). But that’s pure speculation on my part.

In case you don’t follow Wolverineseast on twitter (you should), Tom VH reported that the Dee Hart to Auburn rumors were much ado about nothing. His mother apparently said this week that Dee will be in Michigan in January. So for all of you ready to jump, please don’t…. btw can you imagine Dee Hart, Sammy Watkins and Denard on the same offense.

Last point we received news that FB/LB Joey Kerridge has decided to play at Michigan as a preferred walk-on. I don’t know much about this kid, except that he is recovering from an injury that has kept him from receiving offers. I heard he was most likely going to receive offers soon, since he is doing well; the offers would have mainly come from MAC schools. If you want more check out his highlight video.

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