Monday Morning QB 11/8

Blogging is much more fun when you’re winning.

First let me say yes, we at Wolverineseast have been “taking a break” from Monday Morning QB since the team decided to see how much losing I can take before I make a suicide pact with Woodsonbaby (for the record two more straight losses would have done the trick).

Anyway, it’s hard to breakdown a 67-65 game. Lot of good and bad you can take from it. Let’s get the bad out of the way first, if Greg Robinson does not lose his job after the season (baring a shutout of O$U) I will lose faith in a God. And if I hear one more idiot on a certain other Michigan Blog say that Vince Lombardi himself wouldn’t be able to make this Defense play better!!!!!………

Look there are ways you can use smoke and mirrors to help hide your weaknesses. One example; it’s clear our secondary is a big one, one way to help is to limit the amount of time they need to cover their man. Blitz, Blitz and Blitz. We are not generating pressure with our lineman, we need to hit the F&*#ing QB, make him feel uncomfortable. Right now any QB with half a brain will pick us apart.

Look at the game film from Giants 07 or the Jets of last season. Both teams I admit had playmakers in the secondary but after 1 or 2 players there was a talent drop off, QBs knew how to attack them, for Giants throw at their Safeties for Jets throw at anyone not named Revis. How did they hide these problems? Giants got pressure with their front four, Jets BLITZED. Since we can’t get pressure with the front we need to hide our problems and limit the amount of time our secondary has to cover with the blitz….. but unlike some other bloggers for other sites if you or someone can debunk this theory or just would like to play devil’s advocate please send us your thoughts, if it’s good I’ll post it.

As for the good, it’s simple Rich Rod’s Offensive Theory Works. I know you are wondering why I even have to say that but there are still doubters. This season we are one of the best in the country and the O is being run by mostly sophomores. We will be scary next season….

The biggest thing to take away from the 67-65 thriller is that we are once again going Bowling.

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