Illinois Preview


  • The strength of the Illini is their defense who has given everyone in the Big Ten trouble this year allowing only 16.8 points a game, good enough for 12th in the nation.
  • This team can run the ball. Mikel Leshoure leads a rushing offense that has averaged 194.4 yards a game (24th). Leshoure has also managed an impressive 780 yards and 6 TDs.
  • The Weakest spot on this team has been QB Nathan Scheelhaase. The true freshman has struggled at times throwing 10 TDs but 7 INTs. Unfortunately for us, he has just come off his best performance of the year going 16-20, 195 and 4 TDs while rushing for an additional 118 yards on 21 carries.

Key Match-ups:

The Michigan Offense Vs. The Illini LBs – The Michigan offense has rarely been stopped this year we average 35.4 points (19th), much of the offense involves reading the DE\LB before Laces hands it, off runs it or throws it. the Illini LBs are no joke and will give the OL and Drob all they can handle. Drob will have to make some plays down-field to slow down this defense.

Offense other than Drob vs. Fumbles and Drops - Michigan may be ranked 19th in the nation in points for but it might as well say Drob ranks 19th. After starting off hot WR and RB have gone Ice cold dropping and fumbling the ball all too often. For Michigan to get their $hit together they will need the role players to come on strong. Hemingway, VS, Stonum, Shaw, Roundtree I’m looking at you!!

Michigan  Defense - I told myself I wouldn’t include the defense. They can’t stop anyone I get it, JT Floyd is now down Martin is banged up and the rest of the team is garbage. But is it possible for the stars to align one day and this team turn back into the team that stopped UConn, probably not. What it comes down to  most likely is can this defense make one or 2 stops maybe a turn-over helping Michigan’s offense outscore Illinois.

Final Thoughts:

Another week has passed and I’m yet again hopeful that we can surprise some people and end the Illini hot streak.  Every game is going to be a shootout from here on out so expect even the often low scoring Illinois offense to do some damage. We can outscore this team though if Drob can help wake up the rest of the Wolverine offense  from its three week hibernation.

Go Blue!!!

This weeks video should help inspire all Maize and Blue fans(Thanks InRichRodWeTrust for another great video):

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