Recruiting Suggestion: Please Win

The biggest rumors going around right now is that Dee Hart is reconsidering his commitment to Michigan with Auburn gaining big time on him. I think this is very simple…. WIN WIN WIN Saturday and it will be okay. If the Wolverines win this Saturday, next game is Purdue which should be a victory and they can go from there and at the very least Rich Rod would have a semblance of job security (for that moment). In a related story looks like the visit from the Dr. Phillips kids is going to have to be pushed back because of scheduling conflicts. Seems this Friday they have a game, making it difficult to get to Michigan by the noon starting time vs. Ill.


It appears Anthony Zettel still has Michigan in the lead with Michigan State right behind them. I’ve been saying it for months, if the team just finishes with a winning record and Rich Rod keeps his job Michigan will get this kid. The fact that Mich is still in the top two after all the negative things that have happened the last few weeks tells me that he really does want to be here.


One last note, according to Sam Webb CA K Matt Goudis will visit Ann Arbor this weekend. He is currently a Boise State commit and ranked #5 Kicker by Scout. Sounds like the coaching staff will study more film of Matt, if that holds up and he seems interested an offer should come. Though he is already committed else where sounds like he is a fan of Michigan so there is a legit chance of snatching him away.

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