2 weeks ago Rich Rod told us not to judge the team too soon. We gave him the benefit of the doubt here at Wolverines East but now after another tough loss the judging must begin:

Judgments of the Week:

  • Ive been spending the whole season saying we can only get better, the young defense will improve. Well i was dead wrong, we will not get better we will probably get worse. Not only have we shown no signs of improvement, as injuries start to build up we will have more and more trouble stopping teams.
  • While the defense has issues I have not jumped on the offensive hate wagon. The Wolverines  had only 10 points at the half but Drob came back strong this week and eliminated costly turnovers. Laces finished the day with great stats(191 yards passing and 1 TD and 191 yards rushing and 3 TDs) and is really carrying the team through this tough stretch. (And really 31 points should be enough to beat Penn State).

Its clear at this point in the season that our young banged up defense will not do us any favors. But all is not lost Wolverine faithful, the offense has had its three worst games of the season and have still managed to average 25 points over that stretch. Drob has cut out turnovers and looked much better this week. To stay competitive we are really going to need the rest of the offense to start clicking again over the next few weeks.

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