Big Ten Power Rankings

Since we don’t have a game to preview for this Saturday we thought we would give you our power rankings for the Big Ten going into Michigan’s bye on Saturday. Message us if you think we got something wrong. If you make a good point or it’s rather funny point we might post it. Note: these rankings only reflect the thought of me (Champion of the East) screen name and not (Woodson Baby).

Champion of the East Big Ten Power Rankings:

1. Michigan State
(By default, I don’t see them beating Iowa, but that schedule of theirs is so easy it makes me want to vomit. They are definitely in the driver’s seat for a trip to the Rose Bowl but I’m not too worried. Pretty sure they will lose to Iowa and blow a game they should win… maybe this weekend……)

2. Iowa
(What can I say they made me a believer. I’ve been down on them since the start of the season, thought defense was slow and overrated… I still think that but this team finds ways to win. I can’t really explain it, just have to credit their coaching staff.)

3. Ohio State
(I think this might be the first area where I get hate mail. I know Wisconsin beat them but look at the Badgers home record; they are great at home, and not so much on the road. And remember they are still just 2 years removed from losing to Steven Threet lead Michigan. I still can’t let that go.)

4. Wisconsin
(With that huge win over the Buckeyes at HOME, the Badgers have put themselves in a position to compete for a trip to the Rose Bowl. Will they do it? I doubt it, but they are sitting pretty right now.)

5. Michigan
(While Michigan has 2 losses in the Big Ten already, those 2 losses are against the 1 and 2 rank teams in my power rankings. We will defiantly find out next week how good this team is when they travel to take on a very very very beatable Penn State.)

6. Purdue
(This 2-0 start in Big Ten will come back down to Earth in a hurry)

7. Northwestern
(Is that an upset I smell when Sparty visits the Wild Cats this weekend?)

8. Illinois
(While this team is not good by any means, they have proven to be a bunch that doesn’t quit)

9. Indiana
(Great offense, no defense.)

10. Penn State
(How does it feel to start a Freshman QB Penn State Fans?….. I’m waiting for a response…. Yeah not good)

11. Minnesota
(Why can’t we play them this year?)

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