Michigan Recruiting 10/20

First to clean a little bit up, while losing never helps, from all reports the visitors to the Iowa game seem to have enjoyed themselves. Looks like Michigan is the team to beat for Florida CB Dallas Crawford. Additionally, his teammate WR Sammy Watkins was at the game and seemed to leave holding Michigan in high regard. From the rumors going around, seems Michigan is in his top two. Look for both to come back for an official visit.

As for the stud DT Timmy Jernigan I have not heard anything directly from him, but from people around him it would appear he enjoyed the visit. Sounds like Michigan is in the top 4/5, but I wouldn’t get too excited unless rumblings come out of another visit.

Look for the Dr. Phillips Connection to be making their way to Ann Arbor for the Illinois Game. Sounds like commit Dee Hart, Nick Patti, Chris Gallon (cousin of Jeremy Gallon) will make it out there. I need to double check but I think Roderick Ryles (Current Ark Commit) might be coming along as well. Now I know what you are thinking, what about S Ha’Sean Clinton Dix? As for him talk about a lot of mixed reports; just a few days ago I heard that he was 110% on his decision with Alabama, however, the reporters that I trust the most all seem to agree that is completely not the case. And that he will be making his way to Ann Arbor with his teammates. Since I trust these guys I expect to see Clinton Dix visit, though I know it’ll be hard to woo him from Nick Saban. But once he’s on campus anything can happen.

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