Recruiting Update

I’m sure for the last month every Michigan fan has been breaking down the warrants of using a 3-3-5, going through the list of replacement Linebackers and cursing the football Gods for hurting Troy Woolfolk. While the only remedy for this season remains time (which is up in the air at this point whether it’ll work out), for hope we can look to the next recruiting class.

For the last couple weeks there have been rumors of a surprise visit from a top recruit that has been impressed with Michigan’s start to the season, mainly from top recruiting expert Sam Webb of WTKA. After a lot of speculation it would appear that this surprise visitor will be Scout 5 Star DT Tim Jernigan.

Tim Jernigan is a bad bad man. From the tape I’ve watched and the reports read, he reminds me of Ndamukong Suh (not saying he will be Suh, but reminds me of him). Every single aspect you want in your DT, Timmy Jernigan has it. Just about as close to a sure thing you can find on the recruiting trail. I must say, him coming to Michigan is still a long shot but a visit puts the Wolverines in a much better position. It also doesn’t hurt that since this coaching staff has took over they have been making great success in the State of Florida. If they can pull off this long shot, it would go a long way to helping the D take that next step.

(Update Oct 15, 1:17 pm) It would appear that Sam Webb of WTKA did not mean Timmy Jernigan as the surprise for the Iowa game. Looks like another big time recruit might be making the trip to AA. To be honest, now I’m not sure who it will be if anyone, maybe Trey DePriest? I’ll keep my ears open if word comes out and either post or tweet the name.

To see the rest of the visitors for Iowa on Oct 16 please see the below list from Tom VH as of Oct 12:


  • DT Timmy Jernigan – 6’2″, 275 lbs, 4 Star rival; 5 Star Scout, Lake City, Florida
  • TE Drew Owens – 6’5″, 225 lbs, 3 Star, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • DB Dallas Crawford – 5’10″, 185 lbs, 3 Star, Fort Myers, Florida
  • WR Sammy Watkins – 6’1″, 180 lbs, 4 Star, Fort Myers, Florida
  • WR Hakeem Flowers – 6’2″, 175 lbs, 3 Star, Greenville, South Carolina
  • WR Quinta Funderburk – 6’5″, 204 lbs, 3 Star, Chesapeake, Virginia
  • QB Kevin Sousa – 6’3″, 210 lbs, 3 Star, Lake Nona, Florida (Commit)


  • DE Chris Wormley – 6’4″, 255 lbs, Toledo, Ohio
  • RB Will Mahone – 5’11″, 205 lbs, Austintown, Ohio (He confirmed he will be there)
  • DB Luc Haupt – 6’0″, 180 lbs, Austintown, Ohio
  • DB Chris Davis – 5’10″, 183 lbs, Austintown, Ohio
  • QB Demitrious Davis – 5’10″, 183 lbs, Austintown, Ohio

One last note per rivals, Trotwood (OH) WR AJ Jordan (4 Star Scout) will decide between Michigan and Wisconsin next Wednesday. My guess for whatever it’s worth is he picks Wisconsin, but figured I’ll through this in here since I heard last minute.

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