IoWhat Hawkeyes Preview


  • Iowa has an interesting offense (33rd in the nation), led by Ricky Stanzi and his 2 spectacular WRs Derrell Johnson-Koulianos and Marvin McNutt (haha his name is McNutt).
  • This team will pose mainly as a passing threat on offense, with Star RB Jewel Hampton done for the year with an ACL. While the backup Adam Robinson is a capable back, he’s is not the Menace Hampton can be.
  • Iowas’ Defense is a typical Big Ten defense, big and strong that happens to be ranked 1st in the country in points allowed. Led by the best DE in the county, Adrian Clayborn this team is solid all across. The only weak spot on the defense is LB where they don’t have the depth they had last year.

Keys to Victory:

1. Speed Kills: While we all agree that the Iowa defense is one of the strongest in the Big Ten, but it is clear they are a smash mouth defense, but not much on speed. Take a look at the defensive performance they gave Michigan last season, we were able to move the ball up and down the field… unfortunately we kept shooting ourselves in the foot.

2. Touch: This might be more of a wild card but how many times the last few weeks have we saw balls overthrown to open receivers. It’s clear we are going to get looks deep all season, since everyone will try to sell-out to stop the run and short pass. If D-Rob at some point develops this touch (Hopefully this week), the offense can take the next step.

3. Don’t Turn The Ball Over; Don’t turn the ball over, and don’t turn the ball over. It killed us last season, and that opening turn-over against State last week set the tone for the game. If Michigan wins the turn-over battle this Saturday they will win the game.


Michigan 34  Iowa 31 1OT

Doesn’t seem so long ago but this was my first Game at the Big House:

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