5 Reasons why 2010 is not 2009

  1. Denard Robinson- This kid is special. Even on his worst day (Last Saturday) he was still able to throw for 200 yards and a TD, and Run for almost 100 yards and a TD. Shoelace has just completed his 6th start and still has a lot to learn and will not make those same mistakes against a slower Iowa team. He’s still the favorite for the Heisman and he’s still going to rewrite the record books.
  2. The Running Game\Offensive line- This one is the easiest and most obvious reason. Both the running game and offensive line play have been amazing this year. Right now we are closing in on our team rushing total from all of last year!!!! This running game will not just dissipate because Denard has one bad game throwing the ball. Teams will still have to pack the box to stop Shoelace which will give tons of one on one coverage for Denard to exploit.
  3. Turnovers-Simple Math here, the Wolverines are still on the plus side of the turnover ratio. Even at this point last year (before the Horror set in) we had already turn the ball over plenty. On the flip side we were also not causing turnovers with the frequency we are this season. Protecting the football will be a key for the rest of the season and I’m going to say it again, don’t expect Laces to make the same mistakes twice.
  4. The Defense- I think I’m finally willing to admit that this is one of the worst defenses i have ever seen NCAA or Pro. With that being said, this young group can only improve (I hope). Last year our defense while young (and full of walk-ons) did have some veteran leadership and what we got at the beginning of the season was pretty consistent throughout the year: Mediocrity. This defense will get better as the season progresses with young players learning and stepping up.
  5. The Schedule- At this point last season we had 4 wins and only Delaware state remaining as a sure win. Things have changed in the Big Ten this season and we have a bunch of opportunities left on our schedule. With  a fair amount of certainty I can see about 3 more wins, with 2 games that could go either way. obviously a lot could still happen but with three wins and a bowl win we are looking at a 9 win season. and that’s assuming we do not upset any teams we could still easily get to 10 win.

With all that said continue to keep faith in RR and the team.

Go Blue!!!

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