Moo U Preview


  • Michigan State is the first team in a few weeks that will rely heavily on their running game to keep Michigan’s Defense on its heels.
  • While the Spartans rank 20th in the nation in rushing, they also are no slouch passing it either (39th in the land). Junior QB Kirk Cousins Has taken advantage of the good running game and uses the play action effectively.
  • Their defense has been decent so far, but i believe they are vastly overrated (36th). Remember their defensive ranking was built up defeating Western Mich, Florida Atlantic, and Northern Colorado. The rely a lot on good run stuffing but when tested through the air (like against ND) Their secondary gets exposed consistently.

Key Match-ups:

Drob Vs. The World- Every publication, blog, post, and, tweet are talking about the match-up between Shoelace and Greg Jones. But I don’t believe this is the biggest match-up. Like i mentioned earlier Michigan States secondary can be exposed and Drob has consistently proven that he can throw it with the best of em (and has preformed even better at home, see below passing %). The wide receivers will help this as well, they will be the best receiver core MS will have seen all year with Roundtree, Stonum, Hemingway, Odoms, and Grady all over 100 yards for the year. Watch for Michigan to throw it early to set up the long runs by Laces and company.

  • UConn: 86.4
  • Notre Dame: 60.0
  • UMass: 71.4
  • Bowling Green: 100.0
  • Indiana: 62.5

Can we stop the run (or anything) - Gloom and Doom is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about our defense. Everyone has jumped off the Greg Robinson bandwagon and can’t wait to see him go. But how quickly we forget how our team has played against the run for the most part this year. Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

Game 1: Todman was held to just over 100 yards. He has not ran for less than 150 in any other game this year and ran for 190 twice already.

Game 2: capable ND running back Armando Allen Jr. rushed for 89 yards 0 TDs.

Game 3: this was the bad one Umass amassed 200 total yards.

Game 4: BG had 32 total rushing yards…this is the statistical anomaly on the other end from Umass.

Game 5: We held Willis to 58 rushing yards(after he torched us last year)…

All in all we have done a great job stopping the run this year and it has clearly been a defensive focus. This is neither the best RBs we have faced nor the best QB or WRs. If we stop the run and force Kirk Cousins to try to beat us, Michigan will Own State (Again).

Final Thoughts:

This will be a very interesting game. I believe that State’s offense and defense will come in with big heads after last week and it will be their downfall. I’m calling it now. This team is like UConn and we will crush them like we crushed UConn, stopping the run and creating turnovers. Drob will torch the secondary and open it up for some huge runs. Behind the what’s to be the largest crowd in NCAA history, Michigan will be brought back to glory.

To Quote A Day To Remember:

“Don’t blink,
They won’t even miss you at all
And don’t think,
That I’ll always be gone

You know I’ve got you,
like a puppet in the palm of my hand”

Also just a Reminder:

No Braylon NP! Too bad Michigan Sate didn’t know 86=1!

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