Monday Morning QB

I know by now you have read a number of break downs of last Saturday’s victory over the Hoosiers, mainly saying D-Rob is the new Black Jesus and our Defense is the worst collection of individuals since Nazi Germany. In an effort to help you get through all the crap, I have listed below the three simple key things you should take away from last week.

1. The Hoosiers were the worst match-up for our young Defense. First thing you need to know is that there is good news and bad news from all of this. Clearly our Secondary is lacking in experience, which will be a problem all season. The good news, we will not be facing a better group of QB and WRs for the rest of the year. Just take a look at the schedule, there won’t be a better pure passing QB on our schedule. Now whether this makes a major difference in the D’s performance time will tell. (For the record I think it will)

2. Perhaps the Big Ten isn’t as strong from top to bottom as many pundits believed. With both Wisconsin and Iowa not looking very impressive the last few weeks, it has made those games look a lot more winnable for Michigan. I still feel Iowa’s Defense, while good is still too slow to stop our offense (see last year’s game in Iowa). I never understood the media’s love of the Badgers; this team is only 2 years removed from losing to a 3-9 Steven Threet Michigan. I won’t get too much into State since we’ll have our preview later in the week, but it’s clear our schedule is looking more favorable.

3. D-Rob is the new Black Jesus…. With that said he does need to work on his touch with his WRs. He was lacking very much last week, a number of WRs ran free deep but a couple of balls were overthrown. Only reason I bring this up is because these looks WILL BE THERE in the next few weeks. Teams are going to load up the box and try to take away the short pattern. If D-Rob gets that chemistry with the Wide-Outs he could lead Mich to 10 wins by himself. If not, not sure what the future will come up with in the next few weeks unless the D matures in a hurry.

Lock Your Dorm Rooms and Pack Your Rape Whistle, Sparty is Coming to Town!!!!!!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Excellent article…I think you summed up major points well. You have given me a good outlook for the rest of the season.

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