Indiana HooCares Preview


  • Indiana has a strong offense led by Ben Chappell, they are 12th in the NCAA in passing and 10th in points for. In many ways they are like a super Bowling Green because….
  • They cannot run it (96th in NCAA…). Darius Willis their starting RB is averaging about 73 yards a game and less than 1 TD. But as all Michigan fans remember from last season this guy torched us, so we cannot sleep on the running game.
  • Their defense has been pretty good so far(better than Mich at 43rd in the land) but have let Towson, Western Kentucky and Akron average 20 points, so they have basically had zero in terms of a test so far.

Key Match-ups:

Drob Vs. The World- No one’s going to stop this kid, he’s never been caught and this weeks young defense doesn’t really have a shot. Last year they were able to contain Tate(for the most part) using their standout DE’s Greg Middleton and Jammie Kirlew, lucky for us both of these players have graduated leaving this defense as one of the worst in the Big Ten. We should be able to Cut up this defense any way we like.

Our Secondary/Defense vs. Ben Chappell and Crew- After the first few weeks of the season I’m not expecting much from our defense. I know this defense is young and has little to no chance of shutting down Ben Chappell and their dynamic Pistol\Spread attack. This team also has one of the best WR core we have faced so far featuring tall and lanky Tandon Doss, super consistent Damarlo Belcher, and TD machine, TE Ted Bolser. The key to this game for the defense will be:

A. can we generate pressure upfront. Doing  this will force Chappell into bad throws. This year Chappell has 9 TD 0 INTS, but last year he had 17 TD 15 INTs. The one good thing I can say about  our defense is that they have generated tons of turnovers, look for this to continue.

B. We must stop or limit the run. Willis likes to get to the outside(Remember?) and we must contain him. We need the BG Mouton not the UMass Mouton. Just wrap up Willis and we can make it out of here alive.

Final Thoughts:

We are coming out of Indiana with a win! It might not be pretty but we can expect our offense to score on almost every drive and should expect few turnovers on defense. If we can put pressure on Chappell and take Willis out of the game this could be a long day for Indiana fans. Look for the Wolverines and RR to take another step forward on defense and watch the offensive fireworks continue.

Also just a Reminder:

Anthony Carter Nuff Said.

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